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Got hair - Be there

The Whisker Club hosted the second North American Beard and Moustache Championship on July 3, 2010. The event took place in Bremerton, Washington. All of those with facial hair from around the world were welcome to compete and the club was happy to welcome people to our beautiful part of the world to celebrate facial hair and the US Independence Day. The photo above was taken from the location of the competition, the Elks Lodge BPOE 1181.

The championship followed the rules as seen in the World Beard and Moustache Championships. Those who attended saw what great fun this type of event can be. A wonderful article with great photos was posted by the local newspaper, the Kitsap Sun.

A nice buffet lunch was provided in a beautiful location. The weather didn't really cooperate but as those of us in the Pacific Northwest say, we have two seasons the rainy season and August.

The Whisker Club is a not for profit club and will donate $2,000 to what we feel is a very deserving charity. The Washington Veterans Home at Retsil has added a homeless shelter (Building 9) and the club is proud to be able to help the veterans of the United States military. Thanks to Rod littlewood for his efforts in prompting additional donations!

Congratulations to the winners:

Natural Moustache First Place - John Jurgens

Natural Moustache Second Place - Jack Romo

Natural Moustache Third Place - Michael Scheurich

Imperial Moustache First Place - David Alber

Imperial Moustache Second Place - Feras F. Afani Ruzik

Imperial Moustache Third Place - Bob Jesse

Freestyle Moustache First Place - Kieth Haubrich AKA Jean-Pierre Beaujolais

Freestyle Moustache Second Place - Rod Littlewood

Natural Goatee First Place - Pat Dawson

Natural Goatee Second Place - Steve Bloom

Natural Goatee Third Place - Shane Foss

Partial Beard Chinese First Place - Delbert Odenrider

Partial Beard Chinese Second Place - Shawn Mitchell

Partial Beard Imperial First Place - Steven Criss

Partial Beard Freestyle First Place - Gary Johnson

Partial Beard Freestyle Second Place - Fred McQuarrie

Partial Beard Freestyle Third Place - Robert Dally

Partial Beard Verdi First Place - Brian Murphy

Partial Beard Verdi Second Place - Jeff Jensen

Partial Beard Verdi Third Place - Shon Robinson

Partial Beard Garibaldi First Place - Frank Madera

Partial Beard Garibaldi Second Place - Don Markwick

Partial Beard Garibaldi Third Place - Bernie Waldbillig

Natural Full Beard First Place - Rooty Lundvall

Natural Full Beard Second Place - Frank Zamfino

Natural Full Beard Third Place - Aarne Bielefeldt

Natural Full Beard with Styled Moustache First Place - John "Gnome" Enoch

Natural Full Beard with Styled Moustache Second Place - Larry Donaldson

Natural Full Beard with Styled Moustache Third Place - Gary Ingle

Full Beard Freestyle First Place - Edward Anglebeck

Full Beard Freestyle Second Place - Paul Besser

Full Beard Freestyle Third Place - Dennis Simpson