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The Whisker Club hosted the North American Beard and Moustache Championship on July 5, 2008. The event took place in Bremerton, Washington, USA. All of those with facial hair from around the corner or around the world were welcome to compete. The photo above was taken from the location of the competition, the Elks Lodge BPOE 1181. The championship followed the rules as seen in World Beard and Moustache Championships and included men from several American states, Canada, England, Sweden, Germany, and India. Some interesting photos and video were done by the Seattle Times newspaper and Newsweek. For a view of this and other competitions take a look at the Whisker Club galleries or friends page linked to many different clubs.

Following is a list of the winners.

First Place Natural Moustache - Michael Scheurich

Second Place Natural Moustache - Rod Littlewood

First Place Dali Moustache - Leo Litowich

First Place Hungarian Moustache - Bo Jonsson

Second Place Hungarian Moustache - David Alber

First Place Freestyle Moustache - Paul Slosar

Second Place Freestyle Moustache - Larry Holm

Third Place Freestyle Moustache - Andy Lear

First Place Partial Beard / Natural - Greg Smith

Second Place Partial Beard / Natural - John Jurgens

Third Place Partial Beard / Natural - Scot Hunsperger

First Place Partial Beard / Chinese - Paul Mullen

First Place Partial Beard / Musketeer - Tyler Campbell

Second Place Partial Beard / Musketeer - Glenn McGarigle

Third Place Partial Beard / Musketeer - Robert Dally

First Place Freestyle Sideburns - Joerg Diamantopoulos

Second Place Freestyle Sideburns - Lamoyne Jevne

Third Place Freestyle Sideburns - Steven Criss

First Place Partial Beard / Freestyle - Gary Johnson

Second Place Partial Beard / Freestyle - Charles (Lou) Lewis

Third Place Partial Beard / Freestyle - Dan Sederowsky

First Place Full Beard / Garibaldi - Steve Soli

Second Place Full Beard / Garibaldi - Frank Madera

Third Place Full Beard / Garibaldi - Jon Javor

First Place Natural Beard with Styled Moustache - MP Singh

Second Place Natural Beard with Styled Moustache - Brett Walker

Third Place Natural Beard with Styled Moustache - Sam Sederowsky

First Place Full Beard Natural - Rooty Lundvall

The Whisker Club is a not for profit club and donated the proceeds to what we feel are two very deserving charities. The Benedict House was built and is operated by Catholic Community Services. The Washington Veterans Home at Retsil will also be adding a new homeless shelter for veterans. The club is proud to be able to help the community with the help of our generous sponsors.